Start diagnosing the best way with the Starter Kit.


✅ DYVO Meter 2.0

✅ Essential Kit

✅ Monster Lead Kit

✅ Carrying case

✅ Removable foam inserts

DYVO 2.0 Starter Kit

The fastest, easiest way to diagnose electrical circuits. Automatically loads and stresses circuits for accurate results. Computer safe.

Use to easily find: shorts, opens, resistance, poor connections, wiring issues and defective components.

For the professional technician, big bright display with voltage drop readings.

For the entry level technician, green and red color indicators for good and bad results.

  • DYVO Meter 2.0
  • 22′ silicone fused test lead
  • Red battery clamp
  • Black battery clamp
  • 5′ red silicone test lead
  • 5′ black silicone test lead
  • Backprobe pin, red
  • Backprobe pin, black
  • Small alligator clip, red
  • Small alligator clip, black
  • Large alligator clip, red
  • Large alligator clip, black
  • Standard meter probe, red
  • Standard meter probe black
  • Custom cut, removable foam inserts (x2)
  • EVA “Ballistic Nylon” case – Miller Approved

Operating voltage: (battery side) 7.50vDC – 17.99vDC
External battery or power supply required. DYVO does not use an internal battery.

Max battery voltage: 18.00vDC

Input current: DC only

Circuit input voltage: 0.00vDC – 17.99vDC
ESD, voltage spike, and transient voltage safe up to +/-500v peak at less than 5us

Current draw:
▣ Meter only, no circuit connections: 130mA @ 12.60v
▣ Maximum current draw (meter and both circuit channels): 570mA @ 17.99v

LOAD Mode™ current draw:
~168mA @ 12.60v per circuit channel
~187mA @ 14.00v per circuit channel
~240mA @ 17.99v per circuit channel

Computer safe mode (LOAD OFF) current draw:
▣ 0.000001A per circuit channel
▣ High impedance mode: 10M Ohms per circuit channel
▣ Low impedance mode: 75 Ohms per circuit channel

Battery alert levels:
LOW: <12.00v
OK: 12.00v – 15.09v
HIGH: >15.09v

Circuit + thresholds:
Green LED: 0.00v – 0.19v
Yellow LED: 0.20v – 0.99v
Red LED: 1.00v or greater

Circuit – thresholds:
Green LED: 0.00v – 0.10v
Yellow LED: 0.11v – 0.79v
Red LED: 0.80v or greater

Max time in LOAD Mode™: 2.5 minutes per 5 minutes of use

Operating temperature: 32°F – 90°F (0°C – 32°C)

Water contact: splash resistant

▣ Brightness: 800 nits
▣ Refresh rate: 333mS
▣ Size: 3.5″ x 2.0″
▣ Resolution: 0.01v

Display cover: Gorilla Glass 1.1mm

Capture rate:
(minimum time signal must be at to detect voltage)
▣ 45us for repetitive changing signals (PWM & Duty Cycled)
▣ 400us for intermittent drop-outs & glitches

Resolution: 12 Bit

Accuracy: +/- 0.04v

Connection type: standard 4mm banana connectors, accepts insulated (shrouded) and uninsulated types

Measurement type and display units: Volts

LOAD Mode™ automatically applies an electrical load to ciruits, forcing current to flow, providing the most accurate readings.

3 Channels display battery voltage and two input channels.

Numeric values display votlage values to two decimal places.

LED colors provide guidance in voltage drop readings.

MIN/MAX mode captures the minimum and maximum values for all channels.

Menu allows user to modify settings and save preferred defaults.

Cool Down Mode™ assists the user while testing in LOAD Mode.